Pretty Puss



Be kind and show your lady parts some love. Harsh detergents can cause irritation and disturb your pH. Pretty Puss Bundle is a naturally formulated two step system that:

  • Eliminates odor causing bacteria and fungus. 
  • Thoroughly cleans intimate garments without causing irritation.
  • Keeps your pH balanced.


8 oz Pure Puss Intimate Vaginal Wash

Give your puss proper attention without harsh ingredients, artificial chemicals or vaginal discomfort. Clean your puss and keep your pH balanced with our Pure Puss Intimate Vaginal Wash. Gently cleanse your lady parts without causing dryness, or  disrupt your vaginal pH balance. 

8 oz Panty Power Laundry Wash

Power Panty Wash is formulated to remove the toughest stains yet remain gentle for fabrics that touch sensitive areas.  Power Panty Wash removes built up residue and bacteria from garments without affecting causing irritation or affecting the natural pH of your lady parts. 

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