Beauty Inside Out

Simplicity is the first ingredient in all our products...
Purpose is the second.

With her vast knowledge, immense respect for the healing power of plants and educated as a medical esthetician, Shia, our founder, has created powerful formulas for your skin.

The combination of plant ingredients in each product is intentional with the sole purpose of transforming your inner essence so you may shine on the outside.

“Beauty inside and out.”

Shia brought together functional plant based ingredients to create unique and powerful proprietary blends that heal and nourish your skin.

Ms. Joyner is pioneering a luxury brand of clean, safe, effective edible beauty supplements that feed you inside and out!

That’s right!  

Doesn’t it make sense that you feed your skin clean, simple food just like you feed the rest of your body?

Baddie Glow is one such product.

Baddie Glow is handcrafted to be taken orally or used as a facial mask.

A combination of honey, cocoa, camu camu powders and a few other nutritive plants make this a nutrient dense, antioxidant rich, protective and illuminating meal for your skin and your internal workings.

You know the quality of what we put into our products better be the highest, purest and cleanest quality since we’re suggesting you eat it.

Zen & Boujee is innovating how you see what you put on your skin!

We also have non edible skin care.

Take our Rose Ayee, for instance...This harmonious blend of herbal powders will hydrate and balance your complexion.

Egg white powder and solomon seal root are just two of the unique ingredients that help reduce pore size and tone your skin.

We’ve been meticulous about sourcing all of our ingredients.  We would never put our integrity at stake!

Simple and effective...that’s our mission.

We also use limited external packaging. We are not wasteful so we can leave the smallest footprint on our planet.

Luxury without waste.

Because our products work so well, we hope you will develop a long term relationship with them…

And, with us. 😉

We are a tribe of NEW ”NOW” womxn.

As NEW NOW womxn we have an inherent desire to give back and support our community.

Zen & Boujee helps womxn in underserved communities gain access to much needed resources to overcome their traumas, make better decisions and achieve their dreams.

We do this by donating with every purchase you make to our non profit partners and the Zen & Boujee Space.

The NOW womxn is obsessed with inclusivity.  

She/they understands that she/they need to lift these womxn up with love and recognition!

We invite all womxn to join us and take part in our community.