1ML48994HH7091324 $82.03, - 1022

1LW58014N35227827 $44.59 - 1021
4L903736M95563644 $44.59 - 1020
5G254395S11865402 $41.95 - 1019
2XY07668CB4851640 $44.59 - 1018
99V0632089503380D $44.59 - 1017
8D9868225M7723932 $44.59 - 1012

1ML48994HH7091324 82.03 - 1022

4G7087339U037643K - 40.95 -1023

5AL70722JC349835E $44.59 - 1010

5UP00950G1576132X $60.93 - 1003

9PY25460WJ910851J $40.95 - 1011












 if the transactions are correct one it should show up in the account as you have the email zenandboujee@gmail.com confirmed in the account, so kindly do contact Shopify and inform them transaction numbers are wrong and ask them to get it corrected.

The numbers which they shows as Transaction numbers in PayPal are not even in our records which means they have not made any payments towards it and nothing is real.
So ask them to get this issue corrected and make payments to your account and if you get any payment, it will show up in your activity tab and you can confirm with that.
As like article says when you get a express checkout that should show up in account and since that is not showing up for any of the transaction they are giving you fake details with fake transaction numbers and so ask them to get that cleared up and get a right transaction number and ask them to post the moeny to your account.


There is not a way to change the Transactions numbers. They are generated by PayPal and the PayPall gateway-- we just display this information to the customer. It is possible-- due to high security measures from PayPal-- is not able to reveal the status of these orders since Shia no longer has access to the email account connected. All we are capable of doing is providing the information from the Gateway and all edits or disputes must be taken up with PayPal directly for a resolution.