Shia Joyner lives life to its fullest potential leading from her heart.  

Her mission with Zen & Boujee?  

To support and empower EVERY womxn to live the same way.

Our founder believes in the power of living from a place of love and encouraging all womxn to surround themselves with like minded people who understand that to love oneself, you must be able to love others unconditionally.


Compassion is the driver behind Shia’s actions.

This was an arduous yet enlightening journey for Shia being a domestic violence survivor but she dug her heels in, learned how to forgive and did what she needed to do.

She became a medical esthetician, a yoga teacher, Reiki healer, advocate and entrepreneurial business builder.

Now, she is sharing her love and expertise by
offering her simple and nutrient dense
skin care and wellness products.

All ingredients are meticulously chosen to work in harmony for the most efficient and optimal benefits.

With keen oversight from Ms. Joyner, Zen & Boujee products are synonymous with simple, nutrient dense and life enhancing.

Shia also has an innate sense of giving and sharing her expertise as an entrepreneur and empowering women to love themselves first which is what the world needs, especially now.

Zen & Boujee donates proceeds from every sale to make sure women who need the resources the most, have what they need to start healing and living a life full of love and success.

Shia leads with compassion and empathy.

She continues to grow and inspire all women who meet her.

As a mom of two beautiful teenagers she wants to make sure she is teaching her children to continue a legacy of giving and receiving with love and respect.

What does our founder have in store for the future?

Zen & Boujee Space will provide resources in a variety of formats for women to access the tools they need to live a more complete life.

Zen & Boujee Space will offer a variety of wellness and female entrepreneurial events, workshops, yoga classes and more.

We want to create a collective of women that empower and motivate each other to live in the now and be the best version of themselves.

With love and acceptance, Zen & Boujee Space welcomes womxn of all walks of life and sexual orientation to come discover and unleash their power!

A portion of the proceeds will go to furthering our objective in helping womxn in underserved communities.