A skincare company
with a

The Zen & Boujee mission is to keep our products and messages simple yet purposeful and leading in the Independent Beauty and wellness business world.

We believe in beauty and healing delivered
inside and out.  

We pride ourselves in,


Proprietary blends with a purpose...each thoughtfully hand selected wild craft plant based ingredient is deliberately blended to solve a problem or nourish and refresh.


Luxury without waste… We use recyclable glass bottles and a limited amount of eco friendly packaging.


Simple is better...Dual use powerful formulations that are edible and can be used topically to heal skin concerns. We like to call it “Beauty Inside and Out”.

Empowerment, love and compassion are what we bring to work everyday!

The intention behind Zen & Boujee is to empower the new ”NOW” womxn of all walks of life, all colors, all cultures from a place of love and compassion to learn to have greater self love.



Zen & Boujee broadens the Beauty conversation by being inclusive to ALL who identify as womxn!

We have a deep devotion to giving back to our community.

We help underserved womxn get the resources they need to rebuild their lives and achieve success when they may not be in a position to do this themselves.

We would not be able to support these courageous womxn who deserve every opportunity without our Zen & Boujee tribe.

Our tribe of NOW womxn are just as committed to supporting women in need, knowing that a portion of their purchases go toward helping other womxn.